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A theatrical production of Joan of Arc re-imagined for the Greta Thunberg era, performed by a  children's ensemble. 



We have to find a new art and a new psychology to penetrate the apathy and the denial that are preventing us making the changes that are inevitable if our world is to survive. We need a new art to waken people both to the enormity of what is looming and the fact that we can still do something about it. - Ben Okri

Two extraordinary young women, who led men to impossible actions out of the unwavering courage of their convictions, is our theatrical opening to stage young female leadership, speaking truth to power, and the personal cost of standing outside of the status quo.

Although nearly six hundred years apart as individuals, this production will use the narrative of St.Joan's journey to inspire our own capacity to be held within Greta's leadership now and to feel our place within history and the crisis of this time.

This text was written to be performed by children aged 11-16, in both this context and beyond.  As the future to fight for, the one that must find our whole hearted attention, is theirs. 

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